Office of the President - Edict #20

Posted April 1, 2019, 6:46 p.m. by Fleet Admiral Adam W. (President) (Adam W.)

Edict #20

April 1, 2019

After thoroughly studying the edict archive, I have found something that I believe needs to be addressed.

Archer Edict #8 states the following:

“As per the recommendations of FComm 6 Julia K, CO Terry of the USS Vanguard is hereby rechristened the USS Wolverine NCC 99199 and to the ship class Brazen destroyer escort.”

After closely studying this language I have determined that the USS Vanguard was not rechristened in this edict. Instead it actually was Terry Sullivan of the USS Vanguard that was rechristened. I’m quite intrigued by this concept and suggest that future Presidents also rechristen STF members to have ship names.

The STF member formerly known as Terry Sullivan is hereby unrechristened as the USS Wolverine NCC 99199 and that honor is instead given to USS Vanguard, in keeping with the original intent of the edict.

Adam W.

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