Engineering Department - Assistant Director/Dockmaster Applications

Posted April 14, 2019, 6:45 a.m. by Captain Philip Graham (Engineering Director) (Philip Graham)

Since we are now in a new term and new Cabinet. I will be accepting applications for both the Assistant Engineering Director along with the Dock master Positions. The following are the requirements.

  • Must be a active member in good standing.
  • Be able to review technical manuals for submissions.
  • Have a “non Political” persona and be able to conduct discussions without creating drama or problems.
  • Must have the ability to build ships.
  • Must have the ability to separate themselves from personal attachments in order to ensure that we are providing equal and fair service to the club.
  • Willing to assist members of the club with building new tech and ships.

The Dockmaster also has the added responsibility of maintaining an active list of all Ship names, Classes & NCC Numbers.

Applications will be accepted untill April 20th. Please email Philip Graham at you may also contact me at CptPuffin on discord.

Philip L. Graham
Engineering Director

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