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Posted May 10, 2019, 5:35 p.m. by Captain Mike Monte (Presidentially Pardoned Turkey) (Mike Monte)

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It is with a heavy heart that I must say this,

Effective immediately I am handing in my official resignation from STF.

I have found that life has handed me too much to do and my STF presence has suffered. For that I apologize to you all. But what is happening is for a good reason and a good cause. I am in school currently taking Graphic Design which is a 10 month diploma program. I will then be going to a new school for 3D modeling and VFX. So that one day you may find my name up on the movie screens.

I truly do enjoy my time here, and hope that if there is a period of time when I find myself less busy, you all will welcome me back with open arms.

Forever an STFer at heart.

Robert ‘Ducky’ Thompson

Nooo duckey! Clings sigh take care man! we’re forever here for you!

Robert Archer

I’ll miss you and if you need an in in the movie business. Look me up.


Are we trading spots, El Duck? Stick around with us in discord, so we can still keep track of you as you become the next George Lucas!


I’m sad to see you go. But I’m glad that things are going your way in the real world.


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