Resignation from EGO

Posted July 11, 2019, 9:41 p.m. by Admiral Joe P (Librarian / TECH Chairman) (Joe P)

Posted by Rear Admiral Steve Johnson (EGO) in Resignation from EGO
Good Evening,
At this time I have chosen to resign from EGO. I look forward to serving with you again in the future.

Steve Johnson
Rear Admiral,

As the Election Coordinator who presided over the previous Presidential Election, it falls upon me to organize an election to replace Steve Johnson. Until that election is completed, the senior member of the cabinet who is not in EGO will substitute for Steve in the event of any business before EGO; that individual is Kat Dedul.

If you are interested in running for EGO, you have until 12 AM Eastern Daylight Time on Friday, July 19 to declare your candidacy to me by sending email to If there are at least two eligible candidates at that time, then voting will begin immediately afterwards and run for one week. If there are not two eligible candidates then nominations will remain open for an additional week and the pool will be opened to members of Captain rank.

In order to run for EGO, you must have at least the rank of Fleet Captain or greater, and you must have been active for the entire previous 8 months with no LOAs or other absences greater than 30 days.

Also, please remember that there is to be no campaigning at all for the EGO Election.

If you have any questions about EGO or the EGO Election, you may direct them to me at

– Joe P,
Election Coordinator

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