Edict #3

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Edict #3

August 18th, 2019

Phillip Graham had to step down from his position as CO of the Chimera, and that means I get to install the first CO of my career.

Based on the recommendation of the Fleet Commander of the Infinite Fleet, and because of their steadfast support to the ship during the transition of personnel in the Center Chair, by the power vested in me I hereby pronounce Fleet Captain D Grisham to be Commanding Officer of the USS Chimera. I know that you have a great crew and a great ship to take care of, and we are all sure that you will serve her and her crew famously. Good luck! We know you will do great.

James Sinclair

Congrats D!


Thank you so much! I will endeavor to do my best!!! :)


Yay! Way to go D, congrats! :)


Congrats Captian Koala. ~ Kate

Congrats. You should go and look at the Olinski btw. You might notice something going on that your familiar with.


Always good to see you in the center chair, D.



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