Office of the President - Edict #4

Posted Aug. 20, 2019, 2:30 p.m. by Captain Mike Monte (Presidentially Pardoned Turkey) (Mike Monte)

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Edict #4

August, 19, 2019

We have had a resignation within the Engineering Department, and that resignation leaves us with vacancy at the head of that particular table. After much consideration and interviewing a stellar group of candidates, I am pleased to appoint Sarah Hemenway as the new EDept Director. Thank you for stepping up and taking on the role, Sarah. We are looking forward to seeing what you and your team comes up with going forward!

Fleet Admiral James Sinclair

Wow, congratulations Sarah! Well deserved. And now with you installed as EDir, if the GMDir spot opens up I’ll have one less person to fight for it, Haha.

Congratulations Sarah! hands sonic spanner and other random sci-fi sounding tools may your tools always work and no one suggest a spec that runs on marshmallows. (And we will call it the USS Staypuft)


Congrats, sarah!

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