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Posted Aug. 24, 2019, noon by Rear Admiral Krystelle McLean (FComm, Infinite Fleet / CMM) (Krystelle McLean)

Posted by Commodore Cale Reilly (STF Surgeon General) in Discussion in Fleet Command roles
Just a thought now that we have the changes organised as per James’ bill I was wondering if we could restart the discussion on the roles and responsibilities?


I forget who put the list up but in the earlier discussion I really liked the list and felt it did include the majority of the tasks of FComm that I could think of.

Monthly Submission of Fleet Reports
Audit ships for TOS compliance
Audit ships for environment (speed and type)
Review all posts on ships
Basic Understanding of all FComm Bills and Bylaws
Appointment and Removal of CO’s
Approval of XO appointments
Approval of promotions to Commander
Approval of GM Appointments
CO Evaluations
Conflict Management (anticipation and resolution)
Develops esprit de corps
Fosters club culture
Training of CO’s
Training of Assistants


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