Engineering Department Report - December 2019

Posted Jan. 10, 2020, 11:08 p.m. by Captain Nicholas Villarreal (Engineering Director) (Nicholas Villarreal)

Engineering Department Report - December 2019
With the holidays, EDept didn’t have much activity to report. However, there were several things that did occur. Both the AEDir and the Dockmaster from the previous term agreed to stay on for this term, and we had a technology submission reviewed.

Matt Bernadin agreed to stay on as Assistant Engineering Director. He intends to continue work on the unified ship specification creation document, although, due to various reasons, there were no further updates for the month.
Ben Simons agreed to stay on as Dockmaster.

Internal Work
Ben Simons has used a combination of personal research and assistance from others to create an accurate registry and vessel class database, given the limitations of our club information prior to the full migration to WeBBSpace.

Robert Archer submitted a technology entry for technology currently present only on the Memorial-class - the Flea’tan Alliance Jump Relay Core. Katy Darrah commented on the submission, and Rob responded kindly. I left my comments on the submission and returned it to Rob for revision. I fully expect the next draft to be approval-worthy, as my issues with the document are, on the whole, grammatical.

Other Business
None to report.

That concludes the report for December 2019.

Nicholas Villarreal, Engineering Director

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