Black Fleet Report - December 2019

Posted Jan. 14, 2020, 3:13 a.m. by Sarah Hemenway (Vice President) (Sarah Hemenway)

Posted by Sidney Parker in Black Fleet Report - December 2019


The Dolphin briefly stirs from his LOA…

Which side of this debate is the blue jello side? I’ll join that one.


stuffs Daniel into a tub of red jello

You can come out at the end of your LOA.


Well just to be clear here I never had anything to say about the comment. I was just referring to commenting on MOTD’s in reports was fair game to me. Obviously not anything negative but something like “The MOTD is needing to be updated or Currently the MOTD has some CSS issues that the CO and XO are working on” etc…

Nothing against Steve whom I have a great relationship with nor anyone else.


stuffs Sidney in a vat of purple Jell-O

No worries, Sidney, I understood what you meant.

Sarah, VP

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