LOA Kat Dedul

Posted Jan. 14, 2020, 9:17 a.m. by Gene Gibbs

Posted by Admiral Katherine Dedul (Academy Commandant / EGO) in LOA Kat Dedul
I’m presently (and thankfully temporarily) switching my regular shifts to overnights for a massive reset in the store (I’m going to be messing with customers by moving ALL the food in the store lol). So I’m declaring a LOA until the 25th just as a precaution. I’ll still be reachable by email and will try to keep up with posting. If there’s something pressing and I’m not around, feel free to chat with Owen Morgan, he’ll either track me down or handle it for me. :)


At least you’ll have a snack handy when you need one. Enjoy! .. Gene

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