Discord Operators Wanted

Posted March 20, 2020, 6:04 p.m. by Admiral Joe P (Librarian / TECH Chairman) (Joe P)

Hello Everyone,

Every once in a while, TECH makes adjustments to the list of Operators on the Discord Server to ensure that everyone on the roster of Operators is active and that the server has as close to 24/7 coverage that we can manage with a staff of volunteers from around the world. We’re quite a bit overdue for this, so we’re inviting interested members to apply to be an Operator.

Operators enforce STF’s Discord server rules, and are expected to do so pro-actively with the goal of de-escalating the conflicts that occur. Although we will accept applications from anybody, we’d ideally prefer candidates who:

  • Are active on Discord on a regular basis
  • Have been in the club at least one year
  • Are familiar with the STF Chat Rules (and know where to find that document without me linking to it in this post)
  • Have no significant negative history with regard to rule or Terms of Service violations
  • Are able to moderate a dispute without escalating it
  • Don’t have any particular objection to moderating every channel on the server (e.g. aren’t going to be bothered by whatever is in #after-dark)

As has already been announced privately to the current Operators, anyone who is currently an Operator who would like to continue being one needs to go through this application process as well. If you don’t reapply, we assume that you’re not interested in continuing. Even if you do reapply, you are not guaranteed to kept on, as it depends how you match up with our current and anticipated needs for coverage.

If you are interested in continuing as an Operator, please email TECH with the following information unless you have been otherwise instructed:

  • Your Name
  • Your Discord Display Name (e.g., mine is “Joe P”)
  • Your Discord Username (e.g. mine is “JoeP#2004”)
  • What geographic area and time zone you reside in
  • What days and times you are regularly active in Discord, including time zones.
  • If you have any anticipated LOAs in the near future

Applications will be open for at least one week, though we anticipate most candidates will get their applications in earlier (two of them already did).

If you have questions about this process, you can direct them to TECH as well.

Joe P, TECH Chairman

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