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Posted March 30, 2020, 12:57 p.m. by Katy Darrah

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We currently have no classic TOS ships in the main fleet. I have strongly believed for quite a while that this is something we should address. I think it’s an important issue because this is potentially a huge part of Trek that is a favorite of many fans of the show. We could be missing out of members who would like to play in such an Rp environment. It is my belief that such a ship would be an excellent addition to STF. We have two current ships that operate in similar areas, but while each of those has its own unique characteristics, neither fills the role of which I speak. The Merrimack inhabits the Era of the motion pictures and is much later on in the original time line. (I consider this to be a different area of the universe.). Likewise, the Chernov is an Abramsverse ship, and therefore is in a different time line. These are wonderful ships to have, but neither of them fills the niche I’m aiming for.

As a solution to this, I propose that we add a classic TOS Era Alt Ship. I already have a few people interested in playing roles should this go forward, and we have drafted a charter for the ship.

I realize that membership concerns at this time might make this seem like an idea to be tabled for later, but I feel strongly that a new ship would benefit the club by providing an open door to a very significant area of Trek that we have missed the opportunity to enjoy thus far. In fact, such a ship might even draw new members in the future.

Thank you for your consideration and I welcome your thoughts on this proposal.

  • Dave Eads

Personally I think it would be great to get even more variety into the main fleets so I’m all in favour of this.

  • Sharon

Me too. I think this is a great idea long overdue. Thank you Dave for bringing this up.


I like this, but I see one main issue: we don’t know if it’s viable. While I like TOS, I only watched the series once in it’s entirety and periodically watching one episode or another to get ideas/learn more about a particular topic. I don’t know enough, myself, to say I could play anything more than a JO. And for many of the younger generation (who I’ve spoken to outside of the club mostly) 95% of them don’t like or haven’t seen TOS. I’m all for this idea, if it is given a period of, say, 6 months (example) to get viable and a full complement of DHs at least.

I want to stress it again: I’m not shooting down the idea. But this is reaching out mostly to the older crowd, both older members of the club, and older Trek fans. Some TOS episodes are great (The Naked Time is one of my faves) but for people coming from TNG onwards, even from Abramsverse Trek, it’s really weird looking due to the time it aired, and feels very primitive compared. The TOS movies get away with it, as they’re more modern-looking (compared to TNG onwards) than the series.


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