EGO Election - Call for Nominations

Posted May 29, 2020, 6:13 p.m. by Vice Admiral Daniel Lerner (Personnel Director, EGO) (Daniel Lerner)

The EGO Election is now open for a member of EGO for a two-year term beginning on July 1st.

The first stage is a call for nominations. To be a candidate, you must meet the following requirements:

1) Hold a minimum member rank of Fleet Captain.

2) Been an active member for at least eight continuous months prior to this election (excluding routine LOAs).

If you meet the above requirements, and are interested in serving the next two-year term on EGO, please email me at by June 5, 2020 at 7:00 pm Eastern Time. You will receive a reply email from me acknowledging your email. If you do not receive a reply, please follow up with me. After nominations close, I will post the voting procedure and a link to the ballot (which is an instant runoff election).

Please remember that EGO elections are silent elections. Campaigning of any kind is not allowed. This includes any public statements in support or against a candidate.

What is EGO?

EGO (Executive Government Oversight) is a group of three members that have certain oversight powers to hold the President in check. EGO exists “for the purpose of retaining a sense of institutional memory and ensuring the political stability of STF.”

Who can be on EGO?

Members of EGO must have club rank of Fleet Captain or higher and have been active in the club for a continuous period of 8 months or more prior to their election.

How long is a person on EGO for?

Each member of EGO has a two-year term, and no member is allowed to serve two consecutive terms on EGO. Each of the three members have staggered terms, so generally there is an election every eight months. The member of EGO closest to the end of their term is the “Chief EGO” and will generally speak on behalf of the group.

What powers does EGO have?

EGO has the following powers (all of which require a majority vote of EGO):
-Veto a bill posted by the President (within ten days of the bill being posted by the president)
-Veto the appointment of an Election Coordinator by the President
-Overturning a member ban imposed by the President
-Validating and investigating an impeachment call against the President or another member of EGO.

Daniel Lerner
Election Coordinator

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