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Posted Oct. 19, 2020, 10:26 p.m. by Fleet Captain David Eads (Academy Commandant) (Dave Eads)

Posted by Vice Admiral Daniel Lerner (Procedures Guru / Personnel Director / Chief EGO) in Quick Guide to Sorting a Roster

Posted by Vice Admiral Daniel Lerner (Personnel Director, EGO) in Quick Guide to Sorting a Roster
(Feel free to distribute this post to the COs and XOs that don’t check Command.)

It’s been a while since I last wrote about this - probably back when we first switched to Exodus. However, given how some of the rosters have been sorted lately (which I’ve been noticing as Personnel Director), I thought a refresher might help.

The ship admin menus have a very powerful tool: the “Sort” column on the left hand side of the roster table. When used properly, you can do some very interesting things with your roster other than the default. When not used properly, you can end up creating a lot of unnecessary work for a ship’s CO and XO.

I’ll show examples of how to do the two most common ways of sorting a roster at the end of this note, as well as probably the worst way to sort a roster. First, though, I thought I should explain how it actually works. The sort letters sort everybody in order of the letter you assign to that position (A positions, B positions, etc). Within each Sort Letter, Exodus will sort those ship positions by rank, with the rank Gamemaster at the bottom. So if the entire roster was all sorted in “A”, Exodus will just automatically sort the entire roster by rank.

If you want a very traditional roster (CO, XO, CNS, DHs, JOs, GM), then you would just keep everyone in “A”. Whenever a new player was added to the ship, Exodus will just automatically place that position in the appropriate place on the roster by rank. You would only notice a problem if you have an unusual set up where a JO has a higher rank than the DH, or if someone on the ship has a higher rank than the CO, in which case you would need to do some grouping by Sort Letters.

If you want a department-based roster (CO, XO, CNS, Dept 1, Dept 2, Dept 3, Dept 4, GM), you would assign “A” to your CO, XO and CNS, “B” to Dept 1, “C” to Dept 2, “D” to Dept 3, “E” to Dept 4, and “F” (or “Z”) to the GM. Within each department, Exodus will automatically have the DH before the JOs because it will sort the departments by rank. When a new player joins the ships, just assign them the letter for their department. Important tip: with this set up you do not have to assign a separate letter for the department’s DH and the department’s JOs!

The worst way to sort a roster is assigning one letter per line on the roster (“A” to the CO, “B” to the XO, “C” to the CNS, “D” to the first DH and so on). Besides how time-consuming and unnecessary that kind of work is, every time a new member is added you will have to change the letters of every ship position that is lower than that person on the roster - which again is just make-work. So this is a method of sorting that should be avoided.

I hope this helps people with figuring out how to sort their rosters effectively and in such a way as to avoid too much work every time there’s an addition or deletion to the roster. Always happy to answer questions in Discord for the best ways to administer your ship.

Daniel Lerner

I’m re-bumping this. I know not all COs read Command, but hopefully FComms/AFComms can forward this on.

Because I have to go into ship rosters a lot as PDir, I do see how they are organized, and there are still a lot of COs/XOs making unnecessary work for themselves.

Just a reminder:

1) If you have a traditional roster set up (CO, XO, DHs/CNS, JOs, civilians and whatever, GM), and you have no weird ranks (like a CE with the rank of Fleet Captain) you don’t need to use the roster sorting letters. Just make everything A, and Exodus will just sort everyone by rank automatically. That way, if you make add or remove one person to your roster, you don’t have to re-letter everyone - Exodus will handle it automatically.

2) If you have a traditional roster set up but with an odd rank in there, you just need two letters. Make everyone above that odd rank “A”, and that rank and below “B”. Again, it will simplify your roster admin work going forward.

3) If you are doing a department sort of your roster (CO, XO, CNS, Dept 1, Dept 2, Dept 3, Dept 4, other random positions, GM), you do one letter for everyone above the departments, a new letter for each department, and a letter for all the positions afterwards.

If your roster has “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “E”, … “K”, “L”, “M”… “Y”, “Z”, you are creating way, way, way, way too much work for yourself - you have to re-letter almost your entire roster every time you add or remove someone, and you are not taking advantage of Exodus’s automatic sorting and manually doing Exodus’s work instead (and that’s not fair to Exodus who is just waiting to sort your roster for you :P ).

If you have questions about roster sorting, please let me know and I can help you reduce your roster sorting work.


Cool! Is there a way we could set up templates?


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