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To bring the rest of this discussion to a close with a plan moving forward, Rob and I have sent an email to the Fleet Command staffs with new and exciting questions for each command staff member to answer this month and next month, as well as a specified timeline of reminders to be issued. We plan to continue this for two months (the October 2020 report and the November 2020 report) without making significant changes and then we will discuss first with Fleet Command and then in Command regarding how these tweaks went.


I just want to add a couple of things here publicly:

1) We have made the questions more specific and role dependent for several reasons. The first is that it means that each person is addressing a smaller part of the ship so that we can make sure all of those essential aspects are being reported on. The second is that it means that we are getting several opportunities to spotlight both significant posts, excellent RP, and overall contribution to the ship in a standardized format across all of the fleets. I heard quite a bit of discussion about it feeling like recognition in STF is inconsistent at best and Rob and I would very much like to change that. Once we have some more concrete information to work with, we can start thinking about what to do with it. To completely spitball, for example, perhaps CMM can post some of these awesome posts to Facebook?

2) This discussion was going on for quite some time and I hope that anyone with a strong opinion either way participated. Otherwise, there is very little that Rob and I can do when things are not brought into the discussion such that people have a chance to consider them.

I, for one, am excited to read some fleet reports in a couple of weeks. :)


I’m adding to this again to say that I wanted to make sure it was clear that, while I was unable to respond personally to each post in this thread (partially due to the time required right now as I move cross-country, but also because that would have created a lot of extra posts for other people to read through), I promise you that I thoroughly read each and every one. My hope with the summary above was to concisely list the various viewpoints that were posed throughout the discussion and then to formulate a plan based on those. I hope that, if I missed a perspective, it will be brought to my attention here or via Discord or email.


Sarah and Rob,

Are you wanting the responses on the Report Submission Form or is via email fine? We were told to ignore the parts of the Report Submission Form that aren’t related to the questions that were asked by the FComm, but the ratings on Report Submission Form can’t be left blank, (I tried to ignore them) and it told me they couldn’t be left blank. From the ‘role specific’ questions, it seems that you don’t want the COs to look at the posting levels of JOs and DHs and it seems you want more of an answer than just a rating out of 10.



The questions asked were to be included in the regular fleet report form for submission. This got muddled sadly in the flurry of emails and replies to them. Sorry.

Sarah can give more input on the role specific question bit, but the way I did it was submit my reports like I normally do and write them up in reporting on the status of my ship/sims then I did the role specific questions as requested.

Hope this helps Russ!

Robert Archer

Thanks Rob.

Well, I decided to cover my bases by emailing my report to Ray and AJ and also submitting the report through the reporting system. I rated the three ship rating things as 1’s as they couldn’t be ignored. Those 1’s were not a true reflection on Oed V.


Hey Russ,

That’s a great question and I’m sorry that it wasn’t more clear. Please submit any reports through the regular report system (otherwise, we won’t be able to have them archived properly). As I mentioned in Discord, we don’t want to make any changes to the reports system until we know exactly what changes we want, so we’re going to have to be creative for a couple of months until we figure that out.


No problem at all Sarah and Rob, and I wanted to make sure I was doing it properly so I wasn’t creating more work for the FComm Staff, TECH folk and the Executive (and also so my reports got submitted - I don’t want to be wet noodled or worse). Thank you for the clarity for the two of you and to Ray, whose inbox probably received more emails seeking clarification from me over the last week than the emails we’d exchanged during the remainder of our combined times in STF. And to AJ for being … well AJ.

One thing I used to appreciate with the old report submission system was the way it would automatically send you a ‘thank you for submitting your report’ message back via email. It put my mind at ease that I successfully managed to submit the report. (And yes, I’m a worrier about things like that, as I’m sure people here have noticed over the years).


We sort of do have something like that. If you go back to your report list when you’re done, the Outstanding Submissions section will say “You’ve submitted all reports that are due this month. Thanks!” If it didn’t go through, the report(s) would still be showing as outstanding.


I have no idea of the best way to encourage Fleet Support Submissions, but what I do know is it is NOT to Spam with 3 or 4 reminder emails every month. Send out targeted emails to the actual people who haven’t submitted. It is never right to make the whole class stay behind for detention.

Better still, design a system where the CO knows which of All the reports for his ship are outstanding, and then hold him directly responsible. At present COs only know if their own report has been submitted or not.

As for the form itself, I was told it was being redesigned with the scores removed about five years ago, maybe earlier, but it hasn’t changed at all. It doesn’t make sense that you ask for subjective scores rather than use actual statistics you could pull up. Certainly, if you want specific questions answered by specific people, then the best way to achieve that is by changing form design, however, that can still never guarantee the actual content people will submit. Maybe when you start receiving better submissions then you share some best practise to explain better what you would like to see from everyone.


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