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Fleet Report Revision - October Report Conclusions

Looking through the feedback that Rob and I have received both here, in email, and in Discord, here are some conclusions based on the first month of the trial.

  • People were confused on how to utilize the existing report form to complete the new, guided questions.
  • People who were on top of submitting fleet reports did not enjoy getting consistent follow up reminders.
  • COs should be held responsible for ensuring all of the reports are submitted for their ship.
  • There should be some kind of objective data to go along with the subjective responses.
  • In general, the quality of the reports seemed to go up or remain the same.
  • In general, the response rate seemed to not change much.

The following features (beyond just new questions) were requested:

  • Fleet report submissions should provide an email confirmation message so that people know that they went through.
  • COs should be able to view whether his/her XO and his/her GM have submitted a report.

The following action items are outstanding that would be helpful to this discussion:

  • Figure out what to do with the highlighted ships, posts, and players. I have mentioned this to CMM (perhaps they can be featured on Facebook or in the newsletter) and I have asked FComms to figure out how to highlight this information on their MOTDs starting in December. Would someone be willing to compile a list of all of them from all of the reports?
  • Compare the response statistics from last month with the historical ones that Daniel compiled. Daniel, can you do this?
  • Continue discussion on what objective measures could be included automatically by Exodus. Nathan and Adam, could you come up with a list of objective measures that might be interesting to include, including the calculation logic, by mid-December?
  • Directly reach out to COs, XOs, and GMs to have a unified assessment of their experience with the new questions.

With that in mind, I’m going to send the following via email to FComms for the November report cycle:

Following the reviews of last month, here is the plan for the November 2020 reports.

We will be using the same set of questions that we used last month. Please clarify in your initial report reminder that the answers can be entered in one of the report boxes and the others can be ignored.

COs:  How is your ship looking overall? What was your favorite moment/post on the ship this month (include a link if possible!)? Name one thing you want to improve on the ship for next month.

XOs:  How are the DHs and the JOs doing? Is everyone active and participating, both in the main sim and in any side sims? Who is the shining star this month?

GMs:  Summarize the sim plot so far as if you were providing it to a new member joining the ship. Who was the biggest contributor this month to driving the sim forward?

For your fleet report, we would love to hear the following information in your overall comments for the fleet: How are the fleet COs, XOs, and GMs doing? Is everyone active and participating, IC and OOC? What ship is the shining star this month?


As someone who was quite vocal about the importance of fleet reports when this question was originally asked, I’d first like to say how pleased I am to see this subject being addressed and worked on. I’ll admit that, initially, I was not a fan of the new questions and ONLY because I’d developed my own style for my monthly reports and did not want to change it. But I gave it a try and now, I honestly think they’ve made my reports, and the reports of others that have continued to use them, better! I really like how each respondent from a single ship (CO/XO/GM) now comments on something slightly different (or from a different angle) and, for me as a CO, I’ve really enjoyed the inclusion of the ‘Captain’s thread/post of the month’ and will be continuing with that no matter what happens with this new question format going forwards.

One thing that I did raise previously, and would like to raise again now however, is the possibility of having a fallback for when an FComm doesn’t or can’t submit the overall report. Currently we have one fleet without an FComm, and while I am aware that recruitment for a replacement is in progress, no November fleet report was posted for them and I guess we’ll have to wait and see if a new FComm is in place for the December one. But just in general, I really don’t think we can be insisting on command players submitting these reports if they are repeatedly seeing those reports ignored and never posted to the command board. So again I will make the suggestion of us possibly having a ‘fallback publisher’ for these reports (and in lieu of a better suggestion from those who understand the system of pulling the individual reports together, I will suggest the Prez/VP). It would be an additional role that is hopefully only ever needed in the rarest of circumstances but would offer command players a level of security that if they DO submit a report then it WILL get published, no matter what.

Just my two pence worth…

  • Sharon

The fallback should be the AFComm. Why that didn’t happen this time ‘round, I leave for others to address…


Indeed Daniel beat me too it the fallback is AFComms, which is something Sarah and I are attempting to look into why they’re not followed through with.

Robert Archer

From what I can tell (from the table on the command motd and the Fleet Reports list), the Academy Report for November 2020 wasn’t posted during December in addition to the Pioneer Fleet Report.

Russell (Compiler)

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