Posted Jan. 17, 2021, 9:33 a.m. by Vice Admiral Robert Archer (Vice President) (Robert Archer)

Posted by Vice Admiral Sarah Hemenway (President) in Apologies
Hi everyone,

I’m sorry for my random disappearance of the last week or so. As some as you know, I started a new job on the 4th and balancing that, my old job, and my kids unexpectedly being in a remote learning mode made it a little tough to figure out any kind of reasonable routine the last week or so. I’m back now and catching up; please feel free to reach out on Discord if you have anything you need to chat with me about. The Academy Commandant position will be filled shortly, so stay tuned!


Glad to hear you’re doing ok Sarah! I feel how you’re feeling likely Ive had similar run around like a headless chicken myself this past week!

Robert Archer

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