Discussion: LEGOE - Role of Assistant Election Coordinator

Posted Jan. 22, 2021, 11:20 a.m. by Vice Admiral Sarah Hemenway (President) (Sarah Hemenway)

Thank you, everyone’s or your feedback on the role of the Assistant Election Coordinator. Here are the proposed changes:


The Election Coordinator is an Executive Assistant with complete powers over the Elections. However, their power is limited to the Elections only, and ceases to exist once the elections are over and all pending disputes are resolved.

The Assistant Emergency Election Coordinator is an Executive Assistant whose powers are only exercised during one of the following conditions: a) the Election Coordinator has declared an LOA during the Election Season, b) the Election Coordinator is AWOL during the Election Season, or c) the Election Coordinator has missed a deadline contained in this Edict or the Election Timetable. During the stated conditions, the Assistant Emergency Election Coordinator’s powers are those of the Election Coordinator, and shall also be required to perform the tasks of the Election Coordinator.

The Election Coordinator may not delegate any tasks unless specific assistance or expertise is required, subject to the requirements under this Edict for the Assistant Emergency Election Coordinator to perform the Election Coordinator’s tasks. TECH is required to provide the Election Coordinator with whatever access to the STF server and system resources are required in order to fulfill his responsibilities and provide assistance in using them as needed. Such resources may include, but are not limited to, server shell access, file upload access, Discord operator status, and member account information.

The Election Coordinator and Assistant Emergency Election Coordinator are to be the impartial moderators of the Election and are therefore forbidden from running as a Presidential or Vice Presidential candidate, from nominating or seconding any candidate, from campaigning for any candidate, and from openly endorsing any candidate.


During the Voting period, campaigning continues. Voting is by secret ballot, utilizing a method decided upon by the Election Coordinator that allows for votes to be “locked” and has appropriate security. Every eligible Member is eligible to vote once, except for the Election Coordinator, who does not vote unless needed as a method of tie-breaking, and the Assistant Election Coordinator, who does not vote unless required to assumed the powers and duties of the Election Coordinator. The Election Coordinator is empowered to determine how tie-breaking votes will be handled, which must be included in the published Election Rules.

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