Stepping Down As VPrez

Posted Jan. 23, 2021, 4:49 p.m. by Vice Admiral Sarah Hemenway (President) (Sarah M)

Posted by Vice Admiral Robert Archer (Vice President) in Stepping Down As VPrez
I hate to write this, I truly do! But in short due to the demands life is placing on me from family and friends sick with COVID and other things, my mom dealing with some cough thing, my IT business, and most importantly a huge opportunity for me to get back to college again for a bachelor’s degree. I need to prioritize, to that end I need to step back in my duties as VPrez for the coming time. I’m very sorry to let STF and Sarah down for this moment it’s something I tried really hard to work life balance but I had to admit the other day it’s just not happening.

I hope whoever replaces me is better in my shoes then I was Sarah. Thank you for these past few months what work we were able to do together I truly enjoyed.

Robert Archer

I would like to say that I’m really sad to see this, but honestly, I’m just genuinely excited at this new opportunity you have on your horizon. :) I don’t think anyone knew how life would play out over this term with COVID and you’ve done an admirable job of hanging in there and you’ve left some big shoes to fill. You have absolutely not let me down and I will keep saying that until you believe me.


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