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Good Evening Command world,

I have been very invested in the current courses and when answering one question and reading about its explanation specifically in regards to voiding. There may already be a process I have missed so please tell me if there is however please see below.

Voiding Posts
… you can void away as long as you keep within those rules. However void too often, or void without thinking and you may upset not only the player but the whole crew. When voiding a post sometimes you have to weigh the pros and cons, talk to the CO, try talking to the player…

And in OGRE

...a Gamemaster may declare the posts in question to be null and void and must include a statement of explanation.

With the fantastic addition to the Edit button is it worth looking at how we ‘void posts’ more specifically instead of voiding a post or ignoring it have the member, given the decision to void is valid edit their post? Of course, this cant happen if another post has been submitted but then normal Void rules would apply.


An interesting thought, Jake.
Thinking as a GM, most posts that may be considered ‘void’ material can be gotten around by clever imaginings and ‘serendipity’ to make the post work but still, whether IC or OOC make it known that the post was not quite kosher, and from there just move along in the sim as though the ship had hit a bit of subspace turbulence. Thinking as an exec on a ship, equally there are ways of moving around it - and sending along a mail to explain what is what.

The edit button is a great feature and works great when one hits post and then realizes they missed something or made a gaff. If the player happens to be on discord and the CO or GM is there too and can give the person a nudge about a way out post and to get back there and fix it, that is fine too. But otherwise one is having to a) hope nobody gets in there to post after them (which could work), but generally b) one wants to move a thread along with the sim and so will try a workaround rather than waiting for the person to circle back to fix the post.

Not many posts get voided. I’ve done very few in my time as a GM and most that might have been I’ve just rolled with it in some hopefully clever way and pushed on. But the edit button can save one from needing to do more if the poster can get back to it quickly enough. In this environment that is not real time, ‘quick’ is relative and clever GM’s can trump a bad post. My thoughts.
- Gene

I think Gene presents a very eloquent explanation here. I usually try to work around it or just take the sim in a new direction if a player does something a little silly.


Like having a cadet replicate a club on a holodeck to deal with malfunctioning holographic klingons, Sarah? Oh wait, you said a little silly, not extremely silly.

Said former Cadet who did just that … and got a promotion to Chief Engineer for the next mission for that action … and who got a further promotion to CNS halfway through the next mission when a Cadet named Gene Gibbs joined the ship … and took half a mission to become Chief Enginner

Thank you for taking the time to explain to me your thoughts, I dont intend for this to be a rewrite of the Void procedure and that voiding should be avoided where possible by all parties involved, of course however the void procedure does exist and now so does the ability to edit.

My suggestion would be to simply add a clause to the current void procedure and relevant materials such as Exams and OGRE that an option to edit before voiding the post be considered, where possible.

This just keeps us up to date with the current technological additions added by our IT department.

  • Jake

I don’t see an adjustment to OGRE as being necessary. The bylaw just says that the Gamemaster may void posts, but doesn’t specify a method that needs to be used to do so. There’s nothing in the bylaw preventing a GM from reaching out to the member if they choose to in order to edit the post. Most of the time I wouldn’t think that would be the most efficient method anyways.

Adam W.

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