FCOMM proposal: Fleet bases/stations

Posted April 17, 2021, 3:50 p.m. by Vice Admiral Daniel Lerner (President / Procedures Guru) (Daniel Lerner)

Historically, we have sometimes had ‘unofficial’ role-playing taking place on our fleet bases and stations. Officially, though, it’s not actually recognized in the club, leading sometimes to awkward questions of whether it is allowed, who is responsible, what type of role-playing, etc.

Right now, our bylaws recognize two types of role-playing areas: (1) RPGs that have a CO administrator, who in turn is accountable to the FComm/ACmdt, and in turn accountable to the President (these ships including regular main fleet ships, alt-RPGs, and Academy ships) and (2) X-Fleet ships that are overseen by SOX, who is accountable to the President.

Regarding fleet bases and stations, the only language in our bylaws is found in FCOMM:

OOC Ships

An OOC Ship is a starship, starbase, or other similar division that is present in a Fleet or an Executive Department but not staffed by a crew or the site of an actual RPG. OOC Ships are intended for Out of Character interaction between STF members. OOC Ships are established managed at the discretion of the Fleet Commander or Department Director.

Non-Crewed Ships

A Non-Crewed Ship is a Starship or Starbase that is considered part of a Fleet for RPG purposes but is not actively commissioned nor staffed by Player Characters. Non-Crewed ships assigned to a Fleet are available for use by GMs for RPG purposes, and if destroyed are recycled.

It’s not clear to me if/how a non-crewed ship can be used for our purposes in this discussion.

I am proposing a change to the OOC Ships section to allow for some limited role-playing in the following way (I’ll come up with actual bylaw wording once I know how the club feels about this):

  • It is the FComm’s discretion whether role-playing is allowed on the fleet base or ship.
  • If role-playing is allowed, the FComm is responsible for supervising the role-playing and ensuring it complies with STF policies and terms of service.
  • The only rostered characters would be the FComm and AFComm. Otherwise,role-playing is limited to active characters already on ships in the fleet. The FComm has discretion to allow temporary role-playing by a new character
  • While the base or station may be referenced by a GM in a ship sim, simming itself does not take place on the base/station. The purpose of role-playing on these stations and bases is to allow additional role-playing interactions by current characters in the fleet.
  • FComms may choose to use a starbase or equivalent class approved by the Engineering Department for role-playing, but are not required to.
  • The FComm may stop all role-playing on the base or station without notice and without having to provide a reason. There is no expectation on the FComm to allow role-playing on the base or station, and an FComm should not allow it to distract or overtake the administrative responsibilities and duties of an FComm


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