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Posted April 19, 2021, 9:55 a.m. by Vice Admiral Sarah Hemenway (CMM) (Sarah M)

Posted by Vice Admiral Daniel Lerner (President / Procedures Guru) in Discussion - Member Ranks


So we know Calé and I have a rare disagreement on this issue :) (and trust, me - Calé and I have been arguing about his on and off the boards for a while…). Any one else want to share something that has not been raised yet? Otherwise, on April 24 I will close this discussion due to a lack of consensus/agreement for other changes to MOO and post a bill for the wording Sarah proposed last term. (That doesn’t not prevent other discussions regarding CADET and the exams.)


Since there are terms used interchangeably and without definition in the original text (as well as the error that was made when it was updated), I think that we should identify some kind of terminology that makes sense to everyone and then clearly define what happens and how your rank increases. I don’t think basing this around character rank makes sense because that is not really attached to the character anymore; in other words, no one cares what rank a particular character has “attained” because that’s completely up to the CO and the player each time the character is used.

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