FCOMM proposal: Fleet bases/stations

Posted April 19, 2021, 4:49 p.m. by Vice Admiral Sarah Hemenway (CMM) (Sarah M)

Posted by Vice Admiral Steve Johnson (Personnel Director) in FCOMM proposal: Fleet bases/stations


As we just discussed, I don’t see why this is necessary because I don’t read the current language as preventing “limited roleplaying on OOC ships.” The words “OOC Ships are intended for Out of Character interaction between STF members” does not mean that In Character interaction between STF members is expressly forbidden. The very next sentence also says that Fleet Commanders manage them, so they can essentially do whatever they want with them, including these activities. So I don’t see the point.

If the point is that people are confused about whether or not these things can be done if the Fleet Commander wants to allow it, then I’d suggest perhaps it would be better to add a single sentence like “In Character interactions can be allowed by the Fleet Commander at their discretion” or something simple, rather than to create an entirely new regulatory scheme to solve a non-problem (black market IC roleplaying on OOC ships?).


I’m gonna agree with Joe on this one. It’s not forbidden, so I think something added, like the sentence he proposed, would suffice.
No point in making things more complicated.

But yes, I’d like to see permission for station RP to be clearly available.

Meli the Mobstress

I agree with Joe that the current language does not forbid this use of them. I think that officially condoning the use can create more problems than it solves since it will create questions regarding ranks, activity, etc.

  • Sarah, CMM

I think the problem raised by Sarah is a valid one, however if we modify Joe’s proposed addition to say something similar to “In Character interactions can be allowed by the Fleet Commander at their discretion. Given the nature of the OOC environment any actions or activities taken onboard the OOC area will not be considered valid for STF rank progression. Activities in the OOC environment are for enrichment and entertainment purposes only.” This would allow say, Meridian Station, to hold an award ceremony or a cross ship mingle where people could participate IC however the actions taken onboard the station would not be considered as anything more than a side sim at most for official club purposes.


So.... if during a celebration “simm” you promote a bunch of people in the OOC environment, wouldn’t you then have to go back to your ship and do it all over again?

I can see adding the last sentence, “Activities in an OOC environment are for enrichment and entertainment purposes only.” But I think most of this should be left up to the FComm’s discretion.


I think these sorts of questions are exactly the kind of problem created by trying to overcomplicate this. STF has a long history of using OOC Ships for role-play activity (for example, see the Fleet 7 race from the mid-2000s) and it has never been an issue. Any misuse of OOC Ships is well-covered over other areas of club legislature.

  • Sarah

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