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I feel there is a need to apologize to my CO’s, crews, and ships that I am a part of: The Saracen, Atlantis, Sentinel, olinski, and Wolverine.

Some of you know of my current situation, some not so much, so I will try to sum up as succinctly as possible.

I have been a middle/high school special education teacher almost 21 years. When I began in this position, I was told be a teacher that I worked with that the average burn-out rate for a special ed teacher was 3 years, so I think I’ve defied the odds about 7 times over. With that being said, this current school year has been hellacious to say the least Between have to deal with students virtually, in person, and a mix of both, plus my caseload doubling this year and the larfest group of students I’ve ever dealth with NOT wanting to do work, I have finally hit the burn-out point!!

About two months ago, I officially announced my retirement, so I’ve been trying to get all that taken care, along with finding insurance for myself and my youngest daughter (who is only 14), and getting appointments taken care of before the insurance runs out. . . . .and on top of all that my landlord has decided to sell the house that I am renting from him. I’m looking into buying the house, but if that doesn’t pan out, I’ll have to move. Suffice it to say, my posting has suffered more so lately.

Am I stressed? Darn right I am. I’ve been trying to get all my ducks in a row when I don’t even have a clue as to where the duck pond is!!!

I simply ask my crews and CO’s to bear with for a bit longer. I’ll try to post when I can, but I may go over the AWOL limit numerous times for the next couple of months. Eventually things will settle down.

Thanks for your patience,

Terry Sullivan

Thanks for the heads up, Terry! Hope all goes well with you! Please hit me or AJ up anytime if you need anything (at least regarding the Wolverine).

-Dave Eads

I sent you an AWOL email before I read this. Hope you get everything figured out and do let Jake or I know if you do need anything :)

~ Nicole, Sentinel XO

Thank you for your service to the countless children you’ve helped over those past 21 years. I hope you can find some much needed peace and quiet in retirement once you get all of the logistics sorted out.

  • Sarah


As your XO on the Wolverine, let me say that we have your back. You and I have spoken about this, and we will make sure that the Wolverine doesn’t explode too much until you get back and settled.

Then the gloves come off.


As your evil CE on the Wolverine let me assure you Mikel Petrov will conspire to ruin your life. Hahahhah

As your CO on the Olinski let me assure you that your post will be waiting for you with no questions asked.


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