Office of the President - Edict #2, Clarification on CO Tracking Sheet?

Posted April 22, 2021, 5:39 p.m. by Sidney Parker

Posted by Vice Admiral Daniel Lerner (President / Procedures Guru) in Office of the President - Edict #2, Clarification on CO Tracking Sheet?

Posted by Sidney Parker in Office of the President - Edict #2, Clarification on CO Tracking Sheet?

Posted by Jennifer Ward in Office of the President - Edict #2
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Edict #2
April 11, 2021

The commendations established in Dipper-3 Edict #15 should generally be done at the end of a term, recognizing a member’s work that went “above and beyond what is required of them” during the President’s term. However, things sometimes get missed or cannot be acknowledged during the actual term. The new tracking sheet for CO appointment times gives a better idea of how long some of our current COs have held their positions. There also may be reasons why a commendation has to wait until the following term (as seen below).

I am therefore awarding the following Presidential Commendations.

Steven Sigle and Lindsay Bayes are hereby commended for both serving as COs of their ships for over 10 years. Serving as a CO of a single ship for 10 continuous years or more is a significant achievement in STF, and one that deserves recognition and commendation. Running a ship in our club for one-third of our club’s history is above and beyond what we typically expect from a ship CO. Seven Sigle became CO of the USS Odin on June 9, 2010, and reached the 10-year mark on June 9, 2020. Lindsay Bayes became CO of the USS Athena on September 14, 2010 and reached the 10-year mark on September 14, 2020. Congratulations Steven and Linds!

Sarah Hemenway is hereby commended for introducing the first live voice-chat election debate for STF. As Election Coordinator, Sarah was tasked with the responsibility of the smooth running of the election. Organizing a live debate, getting people interested in it, gathering and preparing the questions, and actually moderating it is definitely above and beyond what we have previously asked an Election Coordinator to do, and previous ECs have been unsuccessful in trying to make it work. For organizing our very first live voice-chat debate, and creating a new event for future elections, Sarah is commended. Thanks, Sarah!

Daniel Lerner

Out of curiosity which CO tracking sheet are you referring to and how can one view it?


Something I created the other week while updating the ship histories:


I just looked at it. Thanks so much Daniel for taking the time to do that. Its a great tracking spreadsheet but also a great reminder of all those who have served and which ships they served as COs. Funny to be in that rare group of 10+ as I even asked myself on more than one occasion when did I become Captain and how long have I been doing it. Still love it. Really great!


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