Feedback on new fleet report form

Posted May 5, 2021, 8:15 a.m. by Fleet Captain Adam W. (Chief EGO) (Adam W.)

Posted by Commodore Sharon Miller (Supervisor of Experiments) in Feedback on new fleet report form
I’ve just submitted my first CO report using the new form and, while I’ve been a fan of these new and more structured questions from the start, I am slightly disappointed to see the personal spotlight section now removed (for CO’s at least, anyway. I haven’t seen the format for anyone else).

I realise the CO form includes a “favorite moment/post on the ship” section, but in my opinion this is completely different to spotlighting a specific player or players (although they’re both equally important opportunities for a captain to sing the praises of their crew).

I therefore request that we consider adding the spotlight section back in, alongside the other, existing sections on the new form.


  • Sharon

I completely agree. The spotlight section has been a great way to encourage saying positive things about the members of our crews.

Adam W.

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