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Posted May 7, 2021, 6:42 p.m. by Fleet Captain Melissa Aragon (Fleet Commander, Foremost Fleet) (Melissa Aragon)

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I’ve just submitted my first CO report using the new form and, while I’ve been a fan of these new and more structured questions from the start, I am slightly disappointed to see the personal spotlight section now removed (for CO’s at least, anyway. I haven’t seen the format for anyone else).

I realise the CO form includes a “favorite moment/post on the ship” section, but in my opinion this is completely different to spotlighting a specific player or players (although they’re both equally important opportunities for a captain to sing the praises of their crew).

I therefore request that we consider adding the spotlight section back in, alongside the other, existing sections on the new form.


  • Sharon

I completely agree. The spotlight section has been a great way to encourage saying positive things about the members of our crews.

Adam W.

While I agree with this, conversely I also took the favorite moment section to be used for the spotlighting purpose. Just thinking aloud here but does it not seem redundant to have both? Not saying its a problem per say or a big one needing immediate fixing just something to ponder I guess?

Robert Archer

Yes; the intent when we came up with the questions was for COs to utilize that spot for a spotlight, but hopefully with a little more specificity — “this post is just one amazing one player X produced this month” or so on. It’s nice to be able to go read all of the talented work!

  • Sarah

I agree that it’s definitely nice to include a link for others to read, but then I also think that a thread is usually the work of more than one person. So I maintain that choosing a ‘moment/thread’ and choosing to spotlight a player are two very different things.
But since the XO / GM questions now ask for more person-centric feedback, I shall just continue to complete my form as I did this month, which is to include both a thread highlight AND a personal highlight in the same section :P

- Sharon

I was underwhelmed by the changed GM report form. Especially the removal of the send private note to the fcomm/afcomm part of it. I mostly always used that in the past. If only to say something for the ears of the fcomm/afcomm but not for the wider club.
But I no longer have to fill them in, so yay me.


Yeah, that’s a good point Russell, I used to use the private note field to nominate people for the fleet awards, which I can just do via email/discord now, but it was nice to have it all in the one place.

  • Sharon

I generally like the new form (XO in my case). I like the questions better than giving a more or less arbitrary number regarding ship health. At the same time there is one thing I’m really missing: A place to give a general overview. There were a few things I wanted to write in my report that fitted in neither of the three questions in the XO form. So I put them at the beginning of the first question. Of course I can just continue doing it that way and yet I’m wondering if it might be possible to add an overview/general comments section to the form? Or am the only one who struggles with the fact that such a section doesn’t exist in the XO form?


As a CO I miss the difference between “moment to mention” and “person to mention”. But I am willing to put both in the same box. And an ‘overall’ comment I merely placed in the first box because, as mentioned above, didn’t seem any other place to put it.
As FC I miss the private message box. There is at least one XO I cannot connect with on Discord and having that message box for them to reach out without an email was very convenient.


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