Office of the President - Edict #15

Posted Nov. 30, 2021, 11:27 a.m. by Captain Jennifer Ward (AFComm, Meridian Fleet) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Fleet Captain Matt Evans (TECH) in Office of the President - Edict #15

Posted by Vice Admiral Daniel Lerner (President / Supervisor of Experiments / Procedures Guru) in Office of the President - Edict #15
Odo: Interesting that a simple tailor should just happen to have a high-level security code.
Garak: Yes, isn’t it? And if my nose didn’t hurt so much I’d tell you a fascinating story about how I came to possess it.

Edict #15
November 29, 2021

With Sharon’s recent resignation, a new CO is needed for the USS Leviathan.

Based on the recommendation of the Fleet Commander, Foremost Fleet, I hereby appoint Matt Evans as the Commanding Officer of the USS Leviathan.

Congrats, Matt! Welcome back to the CO chair.

Daniel Lerner

Thank you Dan and Melissa for the consideration and vote of confidence. I will do my best to continue Sharon’s vision for the Leviathan.


I know I said it in Discord, but Congratulations Matt!!!

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