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Assistant Engineering Director - Rear Admiral Tyra Schroll
Dockmaster - Lt. Commander James Sinclair
Engineering Director - Commodore Sarah Hemenway
Commodore Sarah Hemenway

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Robert Archer
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Engineering Department Announcements

Reminder to reviewers!

Before reviewing long Specs read the post:

- Lieutnant Matthew Wiseman (Assistant Engineering Director)

Temporary Specification Pages

Until they are formally included in the Technical Manual, the Engineering Department has a list of approved specifications available to view. Please note that these have not gone through the process of copy editing, and therefore may have typos or slight grammatical errors present.

Retired Specification Pages

As the Museum only includes specifications used prior to the creation of Standardized Ship Specification Format, there have been many specifications which have been taken out of the Technical Manual, but which are not available for viewing. As such, until a different alternative is reached, EDept is maintaining a list of retired specs for historic record. Please note that none of these specifications are being actively used in the club, and therefore are not under active maintenance.

Designs Under Review

Ship Submissions

Ship Class Category and Variant Designer Thread Location Review End Date Status

Technology Submissions

Tech Name Designer Review Thread Review End Date Status
The SPaRTA System Levon Johnson Link 15/04/2018 Under Review - Draft 2
Flea'tan Alliance Jump Relay Core Robert Archer Link 10/09/2018 Under Review

Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Rear Admiral Tyra Schroll Assistant Engineering Director Tyra Schroll

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