Specification Review: Baker-Class Heavy Observer

Posted Feb. 8, 2020, 6:41 p.m. by Captain Nicholas Villarreal (Engineering Director) (Nicholas Villarreal)

Posted by Jay Luistro in Specification Review: Baker-Class Heavy Observer


I’m here to submit a feedback for the review of this ship class and I will go straight into some key point:
So to start the ship itself seems solid, pretty much complete with details and with brief but satisfying informations, that does not bother the reader and permits a fast and accessible research if it was needed for some kind of roleplaying experience. Although I would consider in lengthening the history of the ship and focus in the years that preceded refit, so potentials and abilities of the Class itself would be highlighted easier. Indeed I don’t say it is bad, but short and synthetic.
Other things are the errors in the wording. Perhaps I might miss something but for example under the science labs section the words “class’s [type of lab]” do not need the extra “s”. Other error is in the shuttle bays page where in the last line is said that “the Baker class does not house fighters in these bays.” But is it said that the Baker Class has only one Shuttle Bay. In other words there will be a needing of a complete revision for grammar errors which are common to everyone and can be easily solved (watch out about repetitions like -again in the lab paragraph- “that permits hallways access and inter-lab access” that can be re-written as “that permits hallways and inter-lab access”, just to upgrade the form).
Returning to technical specification: have you forgot to add a phaser bank pair? Reading the phaser paragraph it is stated that the Baker has 8 phaser banks. After such affirmation, you listed the position of the phasers banks pairs but a pair is missing, making it 6 and not 8.
In the end, I think that as I said earlier, informations are clear and do not need a lot of explanation. I think that the Baker class will be a good ship to use after all in the roleplay environment, if correction will be made and history is prolonged.
As I am not the only one to be reviewing your ship, do attain to the general thought and I hope I might helped to introduce a new ship into the STF world.
OH and before I forget! Add a Bakery for this ship! I bet no one will be bothered by some morn’ fresh bread inviting smell. Just to say ;D.
Good luck and keep it going!


Thank you for your input, Jay.

Nicholas Villarreal, EDir

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