Specification Review: Baker-Class Heavy Observer

Posted Feb. 9, 2020, 6:05 p.m. by Captain Nicholas Villarreal (Engineering Director) (Nicholas Villarreal)

Posted by Captain Nicholas Villarreal (Engineering Director) in Specification Review: Baker-Class Heavy Observer
Robert Archer has submitted a new vessel design for us to consider as a support vessel. Given that the club is now set in 2396, an aging vessel to use around the fleet for sims is definitely in order (as much as the occasional Cheyenne-class etc. would be amusing to see taking the place of the Excelsior-class et al). Feel free to take a look and give feedback.

Here are some guidelines to consider:
What parts of this design do you especially like?
What parts of this design do you think need to be changed? As a subset to this:
- Do you suggest removal or modification to the part that you want to change?
- If removal, why? If alteration, what could improve the design?
* Is the wording of everything easy to understand?
- If so, please say so.
- If there are points which are confusing, please indicate where those might be.

Please remember to be as impersonal as possible (at least in relation to the specification’s author - opinions are welcome as long as they are not ad hominem attacks). As a side note, this is not intended as an RP environment. As such, the input from any GMs would be appreciated in relation to club-wide use of the spec.

The review period will last for two weeks, ending on 8 Feburary 2020.

Nicholas Villarreal, Engineering Director

Category: Observer
Variant: Heavy (Support)
Designer: Robert Archer
Mark I
Draft 1
Date: 24 December 2019


Submitted: 24 December 2019
Robert Archer

The review period for this specification submission has closed. As Rob has yet to respond to either review of his vessel design, I will be giving him an extra week to respond to the reviews presented. Beyond this, the review is closed and the design is returned to Robert Archer for revision.

Nicholas Villarreal, EDir

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