Specification Review: Independence-class Heavy Frigate (TOS), Draft 3 - Review OPEN Until October 25, 2020

Posted Oct. 25, 2020, 7:10 p.m. by Robert Archer

Posted by Nathan Miller in Specification Review: Independence-class Heavy Frigate (TOS), Draft 3 - Review OPEN Until October 25, 2020

Posted by Robert Archer in Specification Review: Independence-class Heavy Frigate (TOS), Draft 3 - Review OPEN Until October 25, 2020

The core is positioned vertically on decks 11 and 12 with support systems on deck 12 with the matter/antimatter pods. Emergency ejection systems propel the core and pods out the bottom of the ship.

Did TOS ever mention a warp core ejection system? I can’t recall. That feels like a TNG invention.

== Off hand I forget which episode or two but Kirk or Scotty does mention it as an idea, same with saucer separation actually. They may also have mentioned ejection systems for the NX class in enterprise if i’m not mistaken!

Weirdly, I found reference to ejecting the nacelles in TOS, but couldn’t find reference to the core. I just finished watching Discovery, though, and they make direct reference to ejecting the warp core, so that answered that question!

== I figured in TOS the nacelle ejections was similar/same to core ejection sorta a retcon thing we just hand wave off


The Independence class’ bridge is located in the central area of deck 1 in a circle shaped inset. At the center of the room is the Captain’s chair that sits on a 5 inch raised platform from the floor while the rest of the bridge stations are sunken below. Ahead of them is the Helm and Navigator seats and consoles. To the port side of the bridge are two engineering focused stations, while to starboard are two scientific related stations. Directly behind the ship’s captain chair is the ship’s comm station. Access to the bridge is provided by a single turbolift to the port of the comm’s officer or to starboard by an emergency Jefferies Tube access hatch. Forward of the helm and navigation stations is the ship’s rectangular view screen. Although there is no designated seat for the First Officer, as he is traditionally a Department Head himself, it is assumed that he will be manning one of the duty stations located throughout the Bridge

This description is a little confusing. There’s a circle shaped inset, with the captain’s chair in the center on a raised platform. Are the other stations “sunken below” the inset? My guess is they’re just in the inset; the reference to them as sunken below, I think, adds more confusion than description. It also says all of the bridge stations are sunken below; this implies the science, engineering, and communication stations are as well, but I think these are around the room, outside of the inset, correct?

The stations not in the inset: are they along the walls, like the stations in TOS and TNG; or are they standalone stations between the wall and the inset, like the NX-class?

== The bridge is actually similar to the Disco bridge (OOC: I used this for reference! ) the difference though is the helm/nav stations are together like on the TOS enterprise. There’s a little bit of difference obviously to give it my own ‘spin’ but I’m welcome to better descriptor suggestions!


Main Engineering

The Independence’s main engineering room is located on the aft sections of deck 12. This rectangular shaped room houses the ship’s warp core arrayed in a vertical line from deck 11 to 12. Control consoles are arrayed in a cluster of three around the core with another two to port and starboard along the entire T shaped room. The Chief Engineer’s Office is located just down the hall to port.

Is the room rectangular-shaped, or T-shaped?

== Rectangular, I cleared that up for the next draft!


Tractor Beam Systems

There are 2 tractor beam emitters located dorsal and ventral on the aft ends of decks 2 and 12. The dorsal emitter is clear of the ship’s nacelle pylons for a full 180 degree area of lock. The 2nd emitter is located ventrally on deck 12 providing the same 180 degree area coverage. Both emitters have a maximum range of 10,000km, depending on local relativistic and delta-v conditions, as well as a towing capacity of 20,000 metric tons each.

If the areas of coverage are the same as their positioning, dorsal and ventral, this means they cannot use the tractor beams on anything directly forward or directly aft of the ship, correct?

== Correct for the front, the aft they got full coverage from top and bottom and aft. If a descriptor needs clean up let me know

Yeah, I thought that might be the case. Mostly clarifying the 180° coverage, as technically that leaves a gap in the rear as well. Maybe changing it to “180° above the saucer; 180° below the engineering section; and X° aft of the ship”? Or maybe not, it’s not that big a detail.



There is a medium sized gymnasium located on the lower aft section of Deck 8. It is equipped with a sparring ring for boxing/wrestling/fencing or other forms of hand to hand combat, and cardiovascular and weights machinery to keep the crew in peak physical condition. Should the situation arise, the Gymnasium’s equipment can be easily stored, thus opening up the room’s area to be used as an auditorium or act as an auxiliary storage room or stage area for theatre performances. At any given time, the gymnasium can comfortably contain 20 people, though in theatre configuration it can easily handle 40.

What does “lower aft section of Deck 8” mean? I get the aft part, but what makes it “lower”?

== Typo! Fixed that should read aft section of deck 8



Ships of the Independence class are named, barring the first ship of the class, after east coast colonies, major settlements, and also river heads that empty into the Atlantic.

USS Independence - NCC 1600
USS Hudson - NCC 1601
USS New York - NCC 1602
USS Delaware - NCC 1603
USS Baltimore - NCC 1604
USS Chesapeake - NCC 1605
USS Savannah - NCC 1606
USS Portsmouth - NCC 1607
USS Potomac - NCC 1608
USS Philadelphia - NCC 1609
USS Rhode Island - NCC 1610
USS Raleigh - NCC 1611

I really liked the previous naming scheme, personally, but I love old sailing ships.

== I did too! But I get why some of the names might not fit in a ‘modern’ setting.

This is a great spec, Rob, and it really feels TOS.


== Thanks Nathan for your input!

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