Ship Creation Overhaul Proposal

Posted Sept. 13, 2019, 9:06 p.m. by Andrew Robinson

Posted by Brigadier General Matthew Bernardin (Assistant Engineering Director) in Ship Creation Overhaul Proposal

Posted by Andrew Robinson in Ship Creation Overhaul Proposal

Posted by Commodore Sarah Hemenway (Engineering Director) in Ship Creation Overhaul Proposal
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Also, is there a plan for how we’d go about handling all of the older specs? Because that is an awful lot of work to redo them, especially with as radical of a change as you are proposing to our design system.


I don’t think that it will ever be feasible to move all of the older specs to a new system, but at the same time, I don’t agree with forcing otherwise happy COs to change to a new spec just because we adopted a new system. This may just be an area where we have to tactfully ignore that some ships are using retired specs and encourage ship COs to change as it’s convenient to them (one of the best times to do this is at a change of CO, in my historical experience).

Sarah, EDir

Give me a second and let me dust off the old seat in the ED here, it’s been a few decades since people posted!

I’m all in favor of creating a more streamlined version, and its been tried several times, unsuccessfully. I’d love to see a successful version come out of the works.

  • is there some pre-existing concept you’d build on, or will this be an entirely new system built from the ground up?

  • What will be the process? You craft it and we comment on it, or will there be a collaborative effort?

  • What’s the timeline on crafting it and getting it approved?

Dusty Wolfe

So when I started this idea and I’ve taken a few looks at trying to rework SSSF over the years what really stuck is I want to make this as simple yet as nuanced as say making a pen and paper character. D&D specifically has a great how to make a character guide and that was the basis. USCM is not just a design system but it’s also written to be a guide as well. Good document structure and signposting goes a long way.

Beyond that no this would be new from the ground up.

Little of column A little of Column B. Once the basic framework is out there then it can be as collaborative as people want.

Timeline - All depends on how collaborative this is. From my experience on rewriting GMT when it’s just you it takes ages but once you’ve got about 3-5 people on it, things advance fast in terms of the document.

Steve, I assume we’d do what we always do. Make new specs created under this the only choice when changing spec and simply let time phase the older ones out as newer sexier designs came into the catalogue to tempt COs.


You may well find there are enough designers left in STF willing to rework their specs to match the new guidelines. I know all of mine are in use still and have been for some time. I’d be happy to rework them


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