USCM Chapter One Overview - WIP

Posted Nov. 17, 2019, 3:02 a.m. by Rear Admiral Sarah Hemenway (Engineering Director) (Sarah M)

Posted by Kirt Gartner in USCM Chapter One Overview - WIP

Posted by Rear Admiral Sarah Hemenway (Engineering Director) in USCM Chapter One Overview - WIP

Posted by Kirt Gartner in USCM Chapter One Overview - WIP


Ok so a lot of material here. I’m going to leave this to stew for up to a month before moving on the chapter 2.

– Matt

Does this change how ship Designs are written or is this just a manual on how to come up with the specs because if this changes how they are written then won’t that make all the current ship classes unuseable? and what about those of us who are in the process of creating a new spec? I am not going to be throwing out all the hard work I have done so far sorry

I understand the current set up is a little difficult to wrap your head around at first but even still its taking all the creativity out of creating a ship This is a Terrible Idea and will produce nothing but Cookie Cutter its a “Not Galaxy Class” ships and I love all the details that the current system requires and I think it is a shame that we are thinking about doing this

Kirt G (The Weasel)

Hey Kirt,

These are some fantastic questions! In the end, this will replace the current method of ship creation with one unified document; however, there will absolutely be a phase in period for new specifications to be required to use it (like, on the order of months). We (or whomever is EDir at that time) will not be mothballing all previous specs. COs will simply be encouraged to change to an updated spec when possible. Several current designers have already noted that they will update their specs under the new system (whatever it might be), so those will be available pretty quickly as well. I know a few people who are actively working on specs and I encourage you to keep doing that under the current system; I wouldn’t want any new, awesome specs to be held up as we work through this lengthy process.

With regard to the rest of your feedback, could you explain what you mean by “[you] love all the details that the current system requires”? I’m not sure that I follow the source of your concern, given that we haven’t gotten to the point yet where we’re discussing the precise requirements for specifications. The goal here is to create a system that is approachable to as many potential designers in STF without losing the important aspects that make these ships fun to role-play on.

Sarah, EDir

I am talking about Deck layouts where everything is on the ships as far as the “Details” I love discribing in painstaking detail every bit of the ship and putting that into the minds eye of players and so on

From what I have experienced of the old system it was literally just a plug and play with the MNP yes it took someone who has done it before to kind guide someone new to ship design But once you get the hang of the current system its perfectly fine

I already have the Flying Angel Racing Yacht Spec approved do you realize just how long and hard I worked to get it to that point Now you’re telling me I have to go in and redo Everything And who knows if its even going to be what I envisioned it from the beginning under this new system And What if I get my current one in Am i Going to be forced to rework it under the new system as well!??!

And What about the Memorial Class Last I knew The person who designed it is no longer part of the club so what is going to happen to that design I am proud to have the Only Active Player Ship Memorial Class ship! I am NOT Changing my ships class!

Kirt G

For anyone reading along, Kirt and I have discussed his concerns in Discord, so I won’t be making a lengthy response here. The gist that I feel is worth re-emphasizing is this:

  • Choosing a spec remains at the discretion of the CO. COs will be encouraged to be utilizing a spec that is currently active; however, there will be no requirement to change if the CO does not want to do so.
  • We hope that current spec designers will update their specs to USCM. We'll do everything we can to make that as streamlined and trivial a process as necessary.
  • USCM creates one document (instead of the three we have currently) to help guide spec designers through the process. This process can fairly cookie cutter for those designers who would rather spend a lot of effort on detailing roleplaying aspects (e.g. Sickbay designs [hi, Cale!]) or it can be as technical as the designer's abilities allow. The point of this is to make one of the most unique, incredible aspects of STF -- designing the ships that we role-play on -- accessible to as many members as possible without losing the balanced, detailed, well-written nature of the specs.

Sarah, EDir

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