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Posted Nov. 17, 2019, 3:03 a.m. by Rear Admiral Sarah Hemenway (Engineering Director) (Sarah M)

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So nothing more has been introduced nor have i answered any questions for a very good reason.

Very few people know this, mostly Sarah and rest of tech. But on the 26th of last month i was hospitalised with a serious life threatening infection that i almost died from in hospital. As I write this from my hospital bed, I have about three more weeks in hospital as I rehab back to being on my feet. So this is the only post im going to be doing about this as while you deserve an answer I deserve not to have to deal with club stuff while im still on the mend.

First of all.

The USCM isnt about reinventing the wheel. It makes one real system change mechanically. That being to convert from basing ship size and capability off of crew compliment to mass and volume.

Chapter one is unsurprisingly just the first step in the process of the new method and its about outlining a specs capabilities. Ita supposed to be framework level not final detail level. Its about taking an idea and knowing what you have to work with as you make further design choices.

There is no desire or intent to remove detail and nuance from specs or to make them cookie cutter. The USCM is more about making the process logical and straight forward to do, so that its entry level is low but its mastery level is high.

Always remember too before you decide to blast off on a angry tirade. Every step has been marked wip or work in progress. No one is attempting to ram through anything.

Thankyou for your comments i look forward to continuing this discussion after i get out of hospital.

Matt Bernardin

Matt I do want to apologize for coming off the way I did at first I was taken quite by surprise on this and dealing with the stressful summer i had Loosing both my grandfathers loosing my job and having a hard time finding a new one Why if I may ask not just stick with the old Length Width Height and deck number to determine the size after all that is the most basic way of understanding the size of a ship and that is actually how it currently works The crew count is actually determined by the size of the ship not the other way around or at least thats how i understand the system as it currently works

Kirt G

Matt – please take care of yourself and we will be here when you’re ready to come back.

Kirt – I’m going to leave your question here for Matt when he’s back, as he’s better equipped to answer it.

Sarah, EDir

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