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Posted July 29, 2018, 12:33 a.m. by Admiral Joe P (Election Coodinator) (Joe P)

Hello Everyone,

Final Voting is now concluded. Here are the results:

Adam W / Thomas Bates: 25 votes
Sidney Parker / Tony Findora: 14 votes

A note about the turnout: Turnout was much, much greater during the final vote, with 42 votes cast. Only 39 of these votes were cast by eligible voters. 81 voters were eligible to vote in the final round as far as I could determine (one voter lost eligibilty because he was declared AWOL during the season), so that implies a turnout of 48.1%. That would be higher than average, but within historical expectations.

I should make note of the following irregularities: I did not post a news item announcing the start of primary voting. Although we have not always followed this rule, it is in LEGOE that “During the Voting period, the Election Coordinator shall post a message on the main club announcement area that voting has started and that eligible members should have voting access. The announcement must also state that a person who does have voting access, but believes their alleged ineligibility is in error, should contact the Election Coordinator.”

It was noted previously that turnout in the primary was historically low. The key difference between the primary and the final appears to be the posting of a news item on the front page, though several other members have pointed out to me that there are other factors which could be relevant also, such as the difference in how News Items are displayed on the site. I intend to question voters who voted in the final but did not vote in the primary to determine why they did not vote in the primary, to see if modifications to the electoral process or site design need to be made. However, regardless of those findings, I believe the lack of an news item on the front page did not violate the integrity of the election process, because people were still able to vote and candidates were still capable of campaigning to increase turnout for their own benefit.

The lack of a statement that a person who does not have voting access but believes their ineligibility is in error should contact the Election Coordinator bears absolutely no impact on this election at all, because everyone had access to the voting area as long as they had a user account. Further, the number of people who voted without being eligible was so small as to not have been able to change the outcome in either the primary or the final vote. So this irregularity did not violate the integrity of the process.

On a more upbeat note, I’d like to thank you all for behaving very well during this election. I’ve done this job a few times before and this is the first election where I haven’t had to depublish any notes or punish anyone formally. I appreciate that quite a bit.

As the winner of the election, Adam W will become the next President of STF at 2:00 PM Eastern Time on Saturday, August 4, 2018. That is also the same time at which Daniel Lerner’s term as President will officially end. If you are available to be in Discord at that time, I invite you to watch the changeover ceremony.

– Joe

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