Questions For Candidates - Why the Wait?

Posted March 7, 2021, 12:01 a.m. by Fleet Captain Matt Evans (Presidential Candidate) (Matt Evans)

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I have a question for both tickets.

Many of us saw the Election go up and nominations open. And then we saw… nothing. I had several conversations with members, and all of us saw this… well… let’s just say more than one eyebrow raise was recieved. From my experience this kind of pause before a nomination is put up is quite unusual. So my question to each ticket is:

Why did you wait so long to put yourselves up for consideration?

James Sinclair

It’s certainly different then some other elections, that’s for sure.

I can only comment on how I got here.

I don’t think it was a huge secret that running again had crossed my mind, but not the timing. I had initially given some thought to running eight months from now. I had a vision that I was developing. While RL timing isn’t a big deal now, it would improve in time for the next election (I step down as Chair of my Board in July, and reach my six-year term limit on the actual Board in December). And I’ve been PDir for so long and putting so much time into the Personnel Department for the last 2.5-3 years, I wasn’t sure how I felt about not being PDir :)

So the seeds for running were all there, the timing just needed to be sorted out.

Certainly the spark for me (as I’m sure for others) were those first few days of no one running. That got me thinking more about my RL timing - there was no real reason why I couldn’t run now. It also made me think more about my vision for my term as President - and the more I thought about it, the more excited I became about what could be done. And once I was excited about it, it became inevitable I was going to run :)

Then it was a matter of Nathan and I talking, fleshing out these ideas from an abstract vision to a platform and making sure it really made sense for us to run this term. And here we are!

Thanks for the question, James.


Dan, a follow up for you: Just to be absolutely clear, even though you were entertaining the idea before… you actually decided to do this sometime in the past week, right?

Daniel and Nathan: Working on a slogan since 2021

Running was something that Brian and I had discussed several times and when the election season came upon us we decided to make sure we were really sure this was the season we wanted to run. We took that time to be sure our goals were clear for the things that we wanted to accomplish. We are both parents of three and have school and work promotions and we thought that it was necessary to take those couple of days to ensure that we knew our RLs and the commitment to be Prez and VP (if we won) would mesh and not create problems in any of our commitments.

Jennifer and Brian: Supporting Creativity

Jennifer, a similar follow up for you as the one above for Daniel: When exactly did you and Brian first start deciding to run? I mean, making sure you really wanted to run this season is fine, and reassuringly normal, but people typically do that months in advance (or they used to).


I think Dave answered fairly well on the side of why now for the both of us. I just wanted to chime in so that I’m not the only one who didn’t answer. I had contemplated running last term but I didn’t end up doing so. This was last minute for me and I’m grateful Dave was cool with hopping on this crazy bandwagon with me.


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