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Posted March 7, 2021, 12:29 p.m. by Fleet Captain Matt Evans (Presidential Candidate) (Matt Evans)

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So this question first is for Dave Eads.

Having recently stepped down from a command position for particular reasons do you now believe that you have the time and dedication to become VP now and looking into a possible future term, do you see this effecting your writing?

This question is then open to any candidate to question;

Do you believe during your term you would continue to be active on your ships or is there a small thought in the back of your minds that you may already be thinking already or further down the line have to drop them directly because of holding this position and how this effects the writing and creativity aspect of STF not just in your own holding of a position but for any position held by anyone.

And secondly, for anyone holding a position do you believe a position comes before a ships character/writing or after.

(Disclaimer: by position I refer to any off ship roles in office.)

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This is an interesting series of questions and I’ll try to answer it as fully as I can.

I think that the reason we’re all here is because the interactions and writing with others is fun. It can unfortunately be easy to lose sight of that fun factor in the face of disagreements or clashing of personalities and the simple truth is that any ‘position’ or role in leadership is bound to have those. So I don’t plan to step down from any of the ships I’m on because that would be taking away the reason I’m even in STF, which is the fun I have roleplaying with others.

I can’t really speak for others on whether their creativity takes a hit because of holding a leadership role, but I feel that’s too limited of a scope when looking at how well a person can post and be creative. There is just too many factors that can impact that and I think the stress of the last year of pandemic is much more of a motivator/demotivator on people’s creativity. Either they relish the escape into roleplaying or their life is so busy that words have difficulty being type. Of course those would be the extremes.

As for your last question, this is kind of a depends scenario. While my motivation to being in STF is the relationships my characters have with other characters on the different ships, there will be times where my responsibilities that come from a position will need to be the priority. Case in point for right now is Fleet Reports and my needing to evaluate and compile Pioneer Fleet’s report to get posted in Command. This is something that I will do today since the deadline had finished yesterday and the time it takes me to do so will be time that I won’t be posting. However I’m only on three ships and not on all of the ships so I don’t see that the time taken conflicts with my desire and creativity to roleplay.


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