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Posted March 7, 2021, 12:37 p.m. by Fleet Captain David Eads (Vice Presidential Candidate) (Dave Eads)

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Posted by J Ridgley in Questions for the Candidates - Membership Trend
This question is open to both sets of candidates.

Given the recent membership trend and the fall below 100 members, what during your term would you do to return the curve towards the positives as opposed to the current downward trend we’ve seen in the last 6 months.

More specifically towards membership recruitment and advertisement but feel free to divulge into retention plans.

Many thanks,


I hope you don’t mind my hopping in to answer this question Jake, but I figured if you want answers from both then perhaps you’d want an answer from me as well. I think that the best approach to getting the word out and garnering more attention, and hopefully gain some more members, would be to support the efforts of the CMM more and get the word out. I volunteered to help Linds out with the social media side of the CMM activities and I believe that it could be used beyond informing members of the goings-on in Command and other STF news but also a recruiting vehicle. I came back to STF because of Krys’ work with promoting the Facebook group and that stuck with me after thinking about it.


Hi Matt,

Ofcourse most of my questions unless stated are open for all and I welcome the comments.

Given that we have and use social media platforms already I guess I should have asked how we could be using them differently, or how we could be doing more? I belive it is easy to say we should be on social media more but how exactly?

(Because I love statistics the last post on our Facebook platform which directly mentions STF was back in January, but mostly it is memes. Which if anyone knows me I love a good meme and does send out a friendly message but the real messages get lost.

Secondly on our twitter profile most tweets receive 0 comments and 0 shares, which does indicate either people don’t use, read or know about this platform.)

Should we be taking the role of CMM more seriously, I’m sure you answer would be yes but how do we do that?

What other approaches would you consider for your term, membership is down despite current recruiting and retention so what more can we be doing not just in specific roles but as a community?

All these questions again are open to all candidates.

Kind regards


I definitely think the role of CMM should be examined and updated a bit. Linds did some amazing work as CMM, and with more tools available for use in that role, I believe even more can be done with it.

I would like to see Community Outreach become a bigger part of how we attract members, specifically by making sure that people who have a knack or talent, or experience with/for social media have the opportunity to do that work. I would also like to involve newer members in that process.

-Dave Eads

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