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Posted March 7, 2021, 2:16 p.m. by Vice Admiral Daniel Lerner (Presidential Candidate) (Daniel Lerner)

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So this question first is for Dave Eads.

Having recently stepped down from a command position for particular reasons do you now believe that you have the time and dedication to become VP now and looking into a possible future term, do you see this effecting your writing?

This question is then open to any candidate to question;

Do you believe during your term you would continue to be active on your ships or is there a small thought in the back of your minds that you may already be thinking already or further down the line have to drop them directly because of holding this position and how this effects the writing and creativity aspect of STF not just in your own holding of a position but for any position held by anyone.

And secondly, for anyone holding a position do you believe a position comes before a ships character/writing or after.

(Disclaimer: by position I refer to any off ship roles in office.)

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Thanks for the question, Jake.

Subject to an RL surprise, I don’t foresee leaving either of my ship positions if I am elected as President. Having served previously on the executive, I know how much RP-ing I can do while still fulfilling my role as President properly, and I believe I am at that point right now. This includes the additional work that goes into being an Academy command officer. In fact, I find my current RP roles well balanced with my work as Personnel Director, and if I’m elected I would essentially be replacing my PDir work with the work of being President.

I can’t speak for how holding a non-RP position affects creativity for others. I come from a background where the type of work I do in my non-RP positions is second-nature and part of my RL skillset. More importantly, I find the work both fun and generally rewarding in its own way. It is specifically something I enjoy doing in STF. It is also very different from the work I put in to role-playing and playing my characters.

To answer your last question, the goal is not to be in the position of having to choose between role-playing and the admin work. If you find yourself in that position, you may have over-extended yourself, and besides the problem of having to choose what comes first, you also face possible burnout. But if pushes comes to shove, the club and its members are depending on you to fulfill the responsibilities of your position. It does no good to the club if the Personnel Department staff were to say “We don’t have time to process any new member applications today or tomorrow because we want to focus on our RP characters for the next day or so.” It is important for members to assess the roles they are volunteering for, assess they’re own skillset and how much time the role will take, their RL situation, and make sure they can give that position the time and commitment it needs before taking it on.


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