Questions for the Candidates - Change and Continuity

Posted March 7, 2021, 2:37 p.m. by Vice Admiral Daniel Lerner (Presidential Candidate) (Daniel Lerner)

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As a recently returning member (one you’ll all be thankful to know is ineligible to vote) I’m interested to see that most of the candidates and running mates have experienced leaving and returning to STF.

I would love to hear from those returning members in this election:

What changes were you glad to see?
What did you wish had stayed the same?
What did you wish had changed?
What were you glad had stayed the same?

Feel free to answer as you like, don’t feel you have to take each question in turn as above.


Hi Wail!

So lets see… I left STF in December 2008 and returned in May 2014.

EGO and the bylaw/bill system was the biggest change for me - it was first discussed shortly after I had left STF. However, I was very happy to see it, as it addressed a number of issues and thoughts all of us in Command had been brainstorming for a while, and I think it was a big improvement for the club’s governance.

I came back right after a large-scale decommissioning of ships and changes in Fleets to address the GM shortage. So everyone was still recovering from that. I enjoyed seeing new faces and old faces. It took a while for some of the people in Command who did not know me to trust me and accept that there was nothing untoward in me offering my help. I was a little disappointed in that, but got over it quickly :P

Like Nathan, I miss the old Fleet numbers, but I understand why it stopped making sense.

I wished more had changed with Drupal/WeBBspace. I was Vice-President and Personnel Director when we moved to Drupal and I took over as Prez a few months after the transition. During that half-term as President, our focus was on improving functionality and making things easier for both the members and the club administration - especially as we lost some functionality in moving from effWeBB to Drupal/WeBBspace. While it was comforting and nostalgic to see things were still the same as I had left them, I was disappointed we didn’t solve a lot of those functionality issues. Which is why I was so happy that not only was that addressed in Exodus, we have been able to make ever better improvements to the experiences for both members and various administrators.

One of my main mentors in STF passed away while I was away from the club, although I did briefly return to the club to offer my own words when he passed away. But it was still tough when I returned that he wasn’t in the club anymore.

I was very glad I could easily just join a ship and start posting right away. The skills I learned with RP-ing in STF were easily remembered, and the I was happy that the style hadn’t changed and it was simple to get back in the swing of things.


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