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Posted March 9, 2021, 6:53 p.m. by Captain Nathan Miller (Vice Presidential Candidate) (Nathan Miller)

Hi everybody! Today I want to talk to you about our platform on retention and exploration.

I can hear some people already - Exploration, what on earth does that mean? It means helping members discover everything that this club has to offer them and ways they can participate beyond just as a player. When people are engaged they are more likely to enjoy their experience, and are more likely to stay. We believe that the ability to explore STF can have a real impact on retention

How will we accomplish this? As part of our vision for the CMM, in conjunction with other departments as appropriate, we see a series of monthly Discord Q&A Seminars on the different opportunities the club affords the membership. These seminars, while open to all members, will be targeted at members who have been with the club for two years or less, who are the most likely to be unaware of these opportunities or wrongly think they are too new/inexperienced for the opportunity. Topics we see being covered include:

  • GMing: A member of the Gamemaster Department will lead this seminar, helping to break the mystery of “becoming a GM” by explaining the GM requirements, the GM Exam, how the GMT process works, what they can expect from running their first sim and getting feedback from a GMM, and take questions from the audience, with an aim towards encouraging them to become GMs.
  • Designing Ships: A member of the Engineering Department will meet with members and demonstrate how our ship designers help make STF more unique with every new specification, showing how they take an idea and build it out into a playable design, as well as other types of new technology they can add to the club’s role-playing.
  • Building Community: A member of the CMM team will showcase the various community projects available, from our social media accounts, to the book club, flash fiction Friday, and other ways that members can join the STF community, and talk about ways they can volunteer to help build the community by helping with these projects as well.
  • Designing New Species: A session led by the Gamemaster Department member to talk about the process of designing realistic and fun species, both for inclusion in sims and for use by other players to bring to life.

Our first goal is to start this with planning and putting on a GMing Q&A Seminar, as this will also help address one of the club’s more pressing needs of addressing our small GM numbers. It’s clear that the current system of waiting for new GMs to simply arrive isn’t working - we need to be more proactive. If this works, we can increase our number of GMs over the next couple of terms without seeing a reduction in GM quality or moving away from the club’s GMing - both of which are part of what has made the club successful for the past 30 years.

Daniel and Nathan: STF Rock n Roll!

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