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Posted March 9, 2021, 7:04 p.m. by Vice Admiral Daniel Lerner (Presidential Candidate) (Daniel Lerner)

Posted by Adam W. in Questions for the Candidates - CMM and Recruitment
This is a question for Daniel based on his recent headquarters post. In that post, you stated the following:

“The CMM’s impact on the club’s overall health cannot be overstated. For example, during a multi-month period when CMM wasn’t actively marketing, the club’s new membership numbers significantly dropped and the Personnel Department was raising concerns the club’s current membership may not be sustainable.”

Are you referring to the drop in new membership numbers in January 2021? I looked back at your reports this term and how members found us did not, in my assessment, vary in any significant way at any point during this term. Is there a reason to think that any recent higher new membership numbers were caused by active marketing?

My assumption is that a less-actively-marketing CMM had nothing at all to do with the drop in new membership numbers that you are referring to. But perhaps you can explain why that assumption is incorrect.

Adam W.

No, I’m not referring to January 2021 :). As indicated in my most recent PDept report, January 2021 appears to most likely just be an anomalous month.

The reference in our platform post is the period that begins in approximately May 2019 and ends around October/November 2019 (with July 2019 being an off-month in that period). This led to a somewhat intense discussion in Command at the time (I think you were part of that? But I would have to double check that discussion.) It has been referred to in some of my PDept DMs as “the bad times”.


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