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Posted March 9, 2021, 8:31 p.m. by Captain Nathan Miller (Vice Presidential Candidate) (Nathan Miller)

Posted by Sharon Miller in Question for the candidates - X-Fleet
This is a question for all candidates.

As the current Supervisor of Experiments, I’ve been disappointed to serve the majority of my time in the role with an empty X-Fleet. There have been several great concepts floated to me but, so far, none of them have managed to gather the requisite five players for an official application. This has surprised me for a couple of reasons:
1. 2020 was a landmark year for X-Fleet with our first ever transitioning of an X-Ship into the main fleets. So I’d been hoping that might encourage more players to get involved with this side of the club and try out their own ship.
2. Daniel had an excellent suggestion for an ‘X-Fleet Classifieds’ section to assist in finding players for concepts (and concepts for players) and I was happy to implement that some months ago now. But it is yet to pull in the attention that I was hoping it might.

So my questions for the candidates are:

  1. How do you personally see X-Fleet fitting in with the rest of the club going forwards?
  2. Do you have any plans or ideas as part of your campaign to generate more interest in X-Fleet from the membership at large?

Thank you all in advance for your time. As always, depending on your responses, I may have follow-up questions.

  • Sharon

X-Fleet was another thing that surprised me when I returned, and it took me a while to understand, but I think the concept is essential. A playground, where you can try out ideas that probably wouldn’t get produced in the main fleet, but that also won’t stretch club resources? That’s awesome! That’s the vision I have for X-Fleet - as the place where ideas can be played out without taking anything else away from the club, giving an outlet for the vastness of our players’ creativity.

Part of our talk around the ship spotlight idea has touched on the idea of retooling the front page - something we will discuss the feasibility of with TECH should we be elected - and highlighting X-Fleet here is something Dan and I have briefly discussed. The other idea we’ve touched on in our talks is - once we get the kinks worked out - having an X-Fleet based Q&A Seminar where someone (you as SOX would be perfect of course!) would expound on the X-Fleet process, brainstorm some ideas, and encourage members to try out their own playgrounds.

Thanks for the question Sharon!

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