Questions for the candidates-Show us your side sims

Posted March 10, 2021, 9:15 a.m. by Captain Nathan Miller (Vice Presidential Candidate) (Nathan Miller)

Posted by Calé Reilly in Questions for the candidates-Show us your side sims
Hello this question is for all candidates.

At our core we are a roleplay club and writing is what we do best. So, with that in mind using whatever the generator linked here gives you choose one of the Plots, adventure or Drama and give us the outline of a side sim for your favourite character.

Rules: you must explain why you picked the plot you did, why the character, and how you’d fit the gimmick in

Generator is:

(I’m aware this isn’t actually a question more of a challenge but I checked with the Election Coordinator to ensure that it would be allowed.)

Thank you


What a fun question, Calé!

Running the generator I got an adventure plot of “Imagined or remembered things become real” with a gimmick of “Nazis.”

For this I’m going to choose Daniel Hawkins, an engineer I played on OP42 many years ago. During a Fleet Three fleetwide sim the station was attacked by an authoritarian fascist segment of Starfleet, who were also trying to overthrow the government - they were basically Nazis. He and the base intelligence officer were caught together in a gunfight against them and had to work together to survive - it was traumatic, but it led to a romance, and eventually to a wedding.

Combining those two elements would be fun. I see Daniel, separated from Tallen by the nature of their work, in his quarters missing his wife and remembering both the good times (the wedding) and the bad (the attack) when whatever it is makes these scenarios come to life. He’s standing at the altar in the Temple of Sisko on Crell when the doors burst open and Starfleet operatives rush in, firing phasers and rushing forward. Once again, he and Tallen are in the thick of it, but now he has protective instincts for the love of his life - will that change the decisions he makes? Is he more willing to put himself into harms way to save her? This would work well not having the wife’s original player here as well, because now it’s Daniel’s memories playing her.

Thanks for this, Calé. I’m going to be musing on this all day.


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