Question for the candidates - Discussing Picard events

Posted March 10, 2021, 10:28 a.m. by Captain Nathan Miller (Vice Presidential Candidate) (Nathan Miller)

Posted by Robert Archer in Question for the candidates - Discussing Picard events
This question is pretty straight forward, but for the events of picard in the 2380s what are your thoughts in the coming term to discuss integrating them into the club properly?

Robert Archer

Daniel and I have not discussed this, but I can tell you what my position would be in the discussion. I think he’d agree, but a little disagreement is probably good in a ticket anyway :).

STF started when TNG was the only Trek on the air. It has existed through DS9, VOY, ENT, movies, and has adopted all of them as canon (I’m not going to try to find it, but I believe there was a declaration at some point that all new episodes become STF canon two weeks after airing, merely to prevent spoiling for people where it might air on a different date; this obviously may have changed in the intervening years and I’m unaware). There is no precedent for not accepting the events of a live-action series as canon, and doing so now sets a poor precedent, in my opinion.

If someone wants to continue playing in a world where the events of Picard haven’t happened, then perhaps they should propose a new Alt-RPG in the TNG-era 2360s-2370s, or a ship in X-Fleet.

I think a better discussion is whether to consider Lower Decks as canon. Thus far, they haven’t strayed too far from what we think of as canon already; but the potential there is huge.


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