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Posted March 10, 2021, 5:50 p.m. by Fleet Captain Matt Evans (Presidential Candidate) (Matt Evans)

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Hello this question is for all candidates.

At our core we are a roleplay club and writing is what we do best. So, with that in mind using whatever the generator linked here gives you choose one of the Plots, adventure or Drama and give us the outline of a side sim for your favourite character.

Rules: you must explain why you picked the plot you did, why the character, and how you’d fit the gimmick in

Generator is:

(I’m aware this isn’t actually a question more of a challenge but I checked with the Election Coordinator to ensure that it would be allowed.)

Thank you


So the plot that came up was that there was an ‘Alien disease’ complicated by giving everyone ‘Telepathy-induced awkwardness’ while the gimmick was ‘Alien insults’. I picked the first scenario that came up because I wanted to challenge myself to adapt to whatever came up. So to set the scene I would envision this being done on the Ogawa since it is a medical issue and so I would be using my CSO character Achilleas Petrakos.

Now poor Achilleas and several others would be in the main sickbay under quarantine because on an away mission they came under contact with an unknown contagion. The XO is a telepath and likewise stuck in quarantine with the away team. Now an interesting quirk of this alien disease is that it causes each affected person to randomly shout insults at each other as well as whoever is standing outside of the quarantine area. The insults are in an alien language however and the person saying it is unaware of what they said. Not so for the XO though, as she somehow can understand the insults due to her telepathy. Probably because of also being contracted with the disease and her telepathy catching the right wavelength.

Now the hilarity would ensue with everyone trying to wait patiently while medical figures out how to cure them. The first few insults would fly and the XO would be dismayed at what she hears and call the crew out on it. But the crew are dumbfounded by her reaction because they don’t know what they’re saying. The awkwardness comes from the XO unable to fully explain what each crewmate is saying both because of common decency and since we’re a PG-13 club. She figures it out very quickly though that they don’t mean to say it as she can read their thoughts. Meanwhile Achilleas had the opportunity to run numerous tests on that the mass of fungal spores that had messed with everyone on Starbase 157, so he’s attempting to find the necessary counter agent to this contagion but he isn’t having much luck since he isn’t involved in the field of medicine. Plus with everyone shouting alien insults from time to time things are very distracting. The big break in the case comes from when the XO realizes that there is a pattern to the shouted alien insults and that each crewmember seem to be influenced by a dysfunctional alien family member. So to the bewilderment of the crew she attempts to mediate the argument by talking and telepathically projecting to whatever is inhabiting their bodies. It seems to work as everyone is filled with the knowledge of the lives that once lived on the desolate planet the away team just came from. A downtrodden family who shipwrecked upon the planet and only blamed each other for their misfortune until their last breath. Their resentment remained like an echo in the forc… er, in spacetime and had bonded with an innocuous but pervasive bacteria. Bringing ‘them’ peace caused the shout insults to fade away and the crew was treated safely.


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