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Posted March 11, 2021, 6:49 p.m. by Fleet Captain Matt Evans (Presidential Candidate) (Matt Evans)

Posted by Joe P in Questions for the Candidates - FComms
This set of very open ended questions is for everybody, and is about Fleet Commanders.

  1. Please demonstrate your minimum competence to be President by explaining for us where the role of Fleet Commander is actually defined, and what its formal duties as written are, in as close to your own words as possible (but please cite any sources you use in forming your answer).

  2. Regardless of what you wrote above, what do you think Fleet Commanders actually do? Is there anything that they do that isn’t captured in your answer above as a formal requirement that is important to the part that they play in the club? If so, what would that be?

  3. What, if anything, do you think Fleet Commanders should be doing, but aren’t quite doing right now? Feel free to go on about this at length, in any way you’d prefer. Some possible ways you could respond could include normative suggestions for how you’d like members of your cabinet to act, or to describe whatever sweeping reforms you’d like to implement (if any), or simple statements regarding what formally required things they aren’t doing right now, or anywhere in between and beyond those parameters.

Thanks in advance,

I think Dan covered the documented responsibilities for an FComm admirably and I don’t want to rip off his efforts so I’m going to summarize instead. As laid out in FCOMM an FComm manages a fleet in a way that keeps all of the ships healthy and staffed. This includes recommending removal or placement of COs, approving XOs chosen by a CO, sourcing a GM if one leaves or AWOLs, keeping on top of AWOLs on the ships especially of their command staff, and of course the monthly fleet reports.

One thing a Fleet Commander can do that I haven’t seen in awhile is to run some sort of fleet competition or event. I’m reminded of the F7 shuttle races that happened maybe twice. I don’t think something like this should be required as everyone has different amounts of time that they give, but a reminder that this is something they could do would be good I think.

I want to instill the idea that while FComms enforce posting limits, charter obligations, and monthly reports; that they also are meant to be supporting the members in their fleet. This may be something that everyone would go like ‘Well yeah! It’s common sense.’ but I counter that it’s easy to get caught up in the rigmarole and bureaucracy of the position and lose sight of that. Even just adding onto the report email asking if anyone had a need that the FComm could help with.


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