Questions for the Candidates - Change and Continuity

Posted March 11, 2021, 7:31 p.m. by Fleet Captain Matt Evans (Presidential Candidate) (Matt Evans)

Posted by Wail Q in Questions for the Candidates - Change and Continuity
As a recently returning member (one you’ll all be thankful to know is ineligible to vote) I’m interested to see that most of the candidates and running mates have experienced leaving and returning to STF.

I would love to hear from those returning members in this election:

What changes were you glad to see?
What did you wish had stayed the same?
What did you wish had changed?
What were you glad had stayed the same?

Feel free to answer as you like, don’t feel you have to take each question in turn as above.


Hi Wail,

I was glad to see that the club had transitioned to a new system from effWeBB to Exodus. I missed the Drupal era but apparently I wasn’t missing much. It took some getting used to with this new system but I definitely think it is a better one. I kind of miss the IRC days but merely for the nostalgia factor. Discord certainly works better for the club’s needs and has way more features. I definitely miss some of the old RPers from back in the day, whether they left the club or this mortal coil. Specifically I really miss Amanda Noon and was quite touched to learn that the Library was named in her honor. I think all in all it’s the people who make the club, and while for me it will never be like it was, I’m happy to reconnect with some dear friends and have made many more.


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