Questions for the Candidates - Cheese

Posted March 14, 2021, 2:15 p.m. by Fleet Captain David Eads (Vice Presidential Candidate) (Dave Eads)

Posted by Russell Watt in Questions for the Candidates - Cheese
My questions are for all candidates and it involves the subject of cheese. (Yes, I know, the questions you have all been waiting for)

Firstly there is a hypothetical situation … Congratulations, you have won the election … And much cheering erupts from the membership.

But then Oh No distaster strikes! A block of cheese has fallen out of the sky and landed on the noggin of your executive washroom colleague. They are forced to go into hospital and are unable to continue as President/Vice President … so in short, you are President and need a new VeeP.

1) What kind of cheese do you prefer? (if you are lactose intolerant/unable to consume cheese for whatever reason you may choose your favourite non-dairy substitute) (and send the cheese to me, I love it!)
2) How do you go about finding a new VeeP to help you for the remainder of the term?
3) There is NO questoin 3 …
4) Who or what put the cheese up in the air in the first place?

Thank you all
And may the cheese be with you always

Russelll, Tribble
Round like a Cheese Ball

Obviously this is a deranged and terror driven jello plot single-handedly orchestrated by the mysterious aquatic D! His revenge will not be tolerated!

However, his ill-fated attempt to force my hand to choose him as my new veep will fail!

Even my love of munster and pepperjack will not sway me into making such a choice…

In the case that Matthias cannot go on, he will be euthanized quietly with his beloved root beer jello and encased in a proton torpedo to be fired into the heart of klingon space.

His loss is great, and our ticket will feel this loss for years to come. However, a clone of myself will be my new veep, and together, we shall eradicate all non-Dave lifeforms from the galaxy…

So say we all.

-Dave Eads

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